Bright Stars

Last night, I found myself driving home after dark with our youngest daughter. Going for a ride in Daddy’s truck is a special treat, and apart from the loud exhaust, rusty body, and non-existent shocks, I can understand why. My old truck rocks. It’s a stick shift, and Daddy drives it kinda rough — great fun.

Anyway, the really cool part is that as we walked into the house, I thought I’d give her my “look at Venus” speech. My whole family hears it all the time, but I thought maybe I’d spark some emotion in my youngest.

It turns out I was right on the money. I called Lizzie to the front of the house, away from the porch light. I pointed up to the west, and said, “Lizzie, do you see that really bright star over there?”

“Uh huh.”

I was tickled that she said it with as much enthusiasm as she could muster. “That’s not really a star, it’s a planet, like Earth is a planet.”


“Yep. It’s name is Venus, and it’s not as big as Earth, but it shines really bright so it looks like a star.”

“Wow, cool!”

She was actually excited about knowing it was a planet. 🙂 The coolest part was when we went inside, and Lizzie ran to Donna. “Mommy, did you know that really bright star is a planet? It’s name is Vee-Nuts!”

I love my family. 🙂

Take the green pill, Neo

I just recovered from a 16 hour headache. It was a doozy. I feel better now, and I don’t have gas either. Odd thing to mention? I agree.

In our medicine cabinet, we have sinus headache medicine. They are green pills, which a person with a hurting melon takes every 6 hours to feel better. The problem is that some time over the past few months, we changed brands or something. See, now, the sinus medicine is orange. We still have green pills mind you, but they happen to be gas relief medicine.

So yes, inappropriate though it may be, for the past day I’ve had quite a prolific abundance of gas, and quite the shortage of headache relief. As a father and husband, I take a certain amount of vulgar pleasure in being able to clear a room with my methane emissions — but since I was alone in the bedroom with a horrible headache, it wasn’t quite as fulfilling.

I asked Donna to bring me more medicine this morning, at which point we discovered my error. It wasn’t quite as funny at the time as it is now, but needless to say, we got a little laugh out of my pain.

The moral of the story? Read the label. And maybe take both pills, because man did I have a lot of gas.


So Tigger got skunked. Yep. Right in the face. When I smelled it, I ran outside to bring him inside, so that he wouldn’t tangle with the skunk I smelled. Too late. When he came running to me, his face was still wet from skunkiness. It was truly disgusting.

So Tigger will be spending the night outdoors, and tomorrow, we’ll be using a bunch of tomato juice on our furry, albeit stinky, buddy.

In a related story, I guess spring is finally here. Snow seems strangely inviting…

Awesome Wife Have I

You know what we’re doing this fine Tuesday evening? We’re watching old episodes of Star Trek the Next Generation. That’s right, I said we are watching it!

Donna is the coolest wife in the world. I think that her not being a die hard trekkie, yet still enjoying watching it with me makes her super cool. She’s the woman that isn’t a geek (thus she retains her cool status), but loves ME enough to watch, and even enjoy, Star Trek episodes with me.

You know you’re jealous. 🙂