About my Faith

I’ll be honest with you, I’m a prime candidate for atheism. My analytical brain can come up with a million reasons why God simply doesn’t exist. In fact, there some some conflicts I struggle with so deeply, that I am reluctant to talk to people about them, in fear that I will convince someone not to believe!

While I have every reason not to believe, I still do. It’s that unexplainable faith that keeps me believing. 🙂 I don’t doubt the biblical truths, and I also don’t doubt scientific truths. They seemingly contradict in many areas, but I see that as a challenge to overcome, not a blind reason to discount one or the other.

God cannot be seen or measured. He is everywhere, in us and through us. He has always existed, and is required for the existence of everything. The exact same statements can be made for Dark Matter. I’m not suggesting God is Dark Matter, I’m just illustrating that we don’t know everything. And that’s OK. Omniscience would be boring methinks.