I Got Old

I slowly see myself growing up. Sometimes it catches me off guard, and makes me look back at the days of less stress and less responsibility. It’s funny for me to consider paying off our current vehicle, and then saving thousands of dollars to get a new minivan when this one finally drives to it’s last soccer game. It wasn’t too long ago I’d save all summer to buy a $250 car, and expect it to last forever, because once I started paying insurance and gas, there was no more saving possible.

It was only a decade ago that rent was less than $400/month, and even that was seemingly insurmountable. I look back and think that we were way to irresponsible, and downright dumb to have children. And we were. But we did it, and our children are wonderful and healthy. Now, we have the $1000 mortgage payment, $200 electric bill, car payment, gas bill, garbage bill, satellite bill, phone bill, etc, etc. Life got complicated.

It’s not all money either. Job responsibility, church leadership, family needs, prescription medicines — all these things are more complicated as you get older. It’s also not all serious stuff. I’m not sure what age it is for most men, but for me, at 31 years old, my nose decided it was time to grow hair. And protruding hair at that! I mean, what’s up with the need to pluck NOSE HAIR!?!! I didn’t sign up for that at all.

So what’s my point? Honestly, I long for simpler times. I think memories have a way of highlighting only what you’re looking for, so I’m sure there are many things that were difficult about that post-college time. I also know that along with all this responsibility I also have some ability that I didn’t have before too. Sure, money is tight, but if I had to spend $100 on something, I wouldn’t have to save for half a summer to do it.

So to you 20 somethings that read my blog: don’t let this time slip away from you. While you may not have much money — make sure to take the time to enjoy the freedom you have. While I won’t lie, some things do in fact get easier, so many things get much more complicated. In the words of Robin Williams, in one of my favorite movies, Carpe Diem. Seize the Day.

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  1. Oh, how I can relate! Not about the kids or the nose hair mind you, but the money bit and wishing for simpler times. In a way, ignorance is bliss. I didn’t know a lot in my younger days (even though at the time I was POSITIVE that I knew it all). Time gets away from us and before we know it, we’re old. What really caught me off guard was the aches and pains. I thought I had until my 60’s before I started creaking, snapping & popping and the stiffness set in. Hell no!! 35 seemed to be the magic number. At this rate, I don’t know if I’ll make it to 60! HA!


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