An Idea I Had About a Thing…

I recently bought a few, “morning meditation” type books. I’m not really someone who actually goes through the process of proper meditation, but I wanted a short snippet that I could read and reflect on first thing in the morning. These types of things tend to be uplifting, encouraging, and generally just positive vibes all … Read more

A Walk in the Woods

For some odd reason, the weather in late February decided to go on vacation for a day. Today, we have several inches of fresh snow, and below zero windchills — yesterday it was in the mid 60s. And even though I’m behind at work, it seemed like an opportunity I shouldn’t pass up, and so … Read more

Spoiler Me. Please.

There are so many weird quirks that come with ADHD. Mind you, I was only diagnosed with ADHD a couple years ago. And while it explains so many oddities about me, some personality traits which I always attributed to being eccentric end up being pretty common for ADHDers. That both annoys and fascinates me. It’s … Read more

I Know a Guy Who Can Fix This

It’s currently mid-January in Northern Michigan, and last week, we had green grass with temperatures in the 50s. (Fahrenheit… we weren’t cooking eggs on the sidewalk or anything) Then this week, we got several feet of snow. And the brakes on my truck failed. And I’m housesitting for my daughter. So it’s been a week … Read more

Suicide Brakes

If you’re not a car buff, the notion of a, “master cylinder” might not immediately scream, “brakes” for you. But the master cylinder on a vehicle is the place where brake fluid goes. It’s the plunger mechanism that converts pressing the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure that applies the stopping power. The master cylinder is … Read more

The Real Reasons I’m a Creator

I’m not going to lie, it does feel a little silly when people in my meat-space life find out that while I do have a day job, the vast majority of my energy goes into creative endeavors. Being a YouTuber at 48 years old smacks of midlife crisis, and being a small YouTuber feels somehow … Read more

RedHat: Rocky Times with its Alma Mater

Intellectually, I understand the importance of Open Source licenses. The nuances of GPLv2 and GPLv3 can change the entire way a piece of software is used, developed, and shared. But I don’t really care all that much. Sure, I lose a lot of “cred” when I dismiss licensing so offhandedly. How can I call myself … Read more

Better Class of Loser

A couple days ago, I tweeted about ADHD. I do that kind of often, because I was only recently diagnosed. That doesn’t mean I recently “developed” ADHD, that’s not how it works. It means that a condition I’ve had my whole life was diagnosed after a long (and expensive) battery of tests and interviews. There … Read more

The Scholastic Book Fair

I ran across a tweet someone had screenshotted and shared on Facebook recently, and is often my practice, I looked it up so I could give proper attribution to the original author. It turns out the tweet was from 2019, but it’s one of those tweets that only improves as it ages, proving its worthiness … Read more