12 thoughts on “Linux Journal: Flip Camera Review”

  1. Thanks Shawn…I am looking at getting one of the Flips, and was wondering about compatibility with Mac.
    It is exactly what i am looking for (hate, hate, hate our video camera now)

  2. Unfortunately, it won’t do still photos. The built in software will “take” stills from video, but I can only imagine the outcome is horrible at best. 🙂

    kimby: I really kinda fell in love with it. If you install Perian in OSX, you can directly import the video files into iMovie as well. Well, at least iMovie ’06, I didn’t try ’08. (http://www.perian.org – free addon for quicktime that will allow it to play pretty much everything)

  3. So what have you seen/found for the next step up? Something that would do better stills, has optical zoom, better px resolution and a few more features? We have a much older mini-VHS but it has none of the ports to output to digital so it can’t be edited with today’s tech – and my boys are at precisely the age where they want to play with this stuff.

  4. I played with my Flip yesterday, and it really is easy.

    The stills aren’t as bad as you’d think. They’re small, but fairly clear.

    If I have time tonight I was going to write about the flip.

    Assuming I don’t fall asleep on the sofa. 😉

  5. My sub-Uban golf video that’s on the above blog was done all with my Flip camera, but I crunched it together on-line on PhotoBucket. – And will have to give Kino a shot, I started to play with Kino the other night, and well, time ran short and I never got back to editing the thing. – What I’d like to be able to do, is take the .avi files an put them into DVD format, for my less then a geek mom to play on her DVD player, located 4 time zones away…

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