13 thoughts on “Video Blog: A Tour of the Server Room”

  1. Umm… It didn’t actually look that messy, all things considered. Then again, at one point our server room had about 5x as much equipment in oh, that much space. (There’s a smaller server room/wiring closet behind my office that requires you to be both limber and thin.)

    At 80, how often do your servers overheat?

  2. Hi Shawn, I’m going to bed now, I think I’m becoming a blog addict ’cause I’m checking your blog on my way to bed. I hope your not there too late. Good night Love MOM

  3. Listen to your mom, Shawn. GO TO BED and don’t forget to brush your teeth and wash behind your ears.

    Kids, they’ll play in the internet all night if you let them. Sheesh.

  4. I can’t hear it (laptop) but I could see. OMG, look at all that stuff! I’m a purge type of person so all that stuff just wigs me out. How do you work in there and not go crazy? I say that, but Tom’s office has tons of equipment and he manages, I just don’t go in there. We call it “the man cave” for a reason.

    Shawn, my dear, you need to show your mom how to use Bloglines or something.

  5. Nice server room. It looks great – I once had to go down to our professional co-lo facility to figure out why our servers kept randomly rebooting. Our servers were one of many literally PILED up in the middle of the floor. Sometimes people tripped on the cords.

    BTW that video looked pretty stable. Was that just your hand or did you have some sort of camera rig setup ?

    And if you don’t get to sleep soon at least get on IM and chat. :o)

  6. Nice room – I’ve always wanted to see it! Your room isn’t nearly as messy as the one I’m in charge of. Mine is clean, but, the cable organization is a complete mess and nothing can be done about it till additional Panduit units are ordered.

    I didn’t approve of the video format, because it ran terrible on my dated linux box… I had to wait till I got to a Windows PC to properly view it. Maybe include .ogg videos for Linux users?


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