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Day of Chaos, Part 1

Friday morning at work started with me scotch taping the following note on every teacher’s door in our school district…


Last night there was a catastrophic hardware failure in the server room. Any and all documents are NOT available. I started restoring from backups at 4AM, but there are over 8 million files (really), and it will take many hours to restore. Until the server has been restored, I’ve managed to get the following working:

•Logging into thin clients ONLY to log into Windows. (Linux apps don’t work)
•Teacher attendance, SDS, Internet, email, and printing work in Windows
•Internet, email, and printing work on Macs

If you try to create and save a document, it will fail.

I realize this is an incredible hindrance to teaching – but believe me I’m doing everything I can to get the file server back up and running as quickly as possible.

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