My Vista Experience

Well, I got a Windows Vista install DVD at a conference I was just at. I tried to install it, using MICROSOFT’s own Virtual PC on my Apple laptop. I did have to do some odd tweaking to get it to begin the install, but I thought I was on my way to Vista Preview Goodness.

I was wrong. The screenshot speaks for itself.


4 thoughts on “My Vista Experience”

  1. Have you tried Parallels I’ve heard good things… maybe it’s just virual PC that is flakey, not windows. Oh wait… yeah It’s probably Windows.

    I remmber when SP2 beta came out and there was a warning that said “Beta software can be unstable and you shouldn’t expect it to work and be compatiable with all the software that you try with it.”

    They should put that warning on all Windows Software.

  2. Parallels is great — but it’s only for Intel based macs. My laptop is an old G4 powerbook, so Virtual PC is my only choice. The really ironic part is that Virtual PC is a *Microsoft Product* (I know, they bought it from Connectix, but still…)


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