My vaporware journal

I must admit, I’ve never had a journal. I know, I know, for someone who loves to write so much, it seems a shame not to have a journal. I never really realized how sad it was until I started regularly blogging.

I wish I had a journal for the last 30 years or so. It saddens me deeply that so much of my life has been forgotten. Is it egocentric to read your own journal entries? I think not. I’d love to rediscover myself, and be able to look back on hardships, etc, with the wisdom of time. Oh well, maybe I’ll start a journal now. Maybe I’ll consider *this* my journal, although it’s much more difficult to share the nitty-gritty details of life online.

I think later today I’m going to have a “10 ways to love blogging” or something similar. I’ve learned a lot exploring the blogosphere (gawd that’s a cheesy word), so I might as well write it down so I don’t forget it. ;o)

G’day everyone.

2 thoughts on “My vaporware journal”

  1. I’ve turned blogging into a sort of personl journal. And I started as a means to redefine myself. Similar to yourself. If you are concerned about privacy with blogging, you can share the basics on your blog and save the more personal stuff and dilineation for a physical journal you keep to yourself. I have found this method to be much simpler for myself to express myself fully without restraint. I am a constant thinker like yourself that ponders upon many tihngs. 😀

  2. It’s funny, I’ve noticed that I’m also very forgetful, and I have things I want to blog about during the day, but forget by the time I get to the keyboard.

    Some of the things I desire to blog about might also offend people I know, so I have to be sensitive about that too.

    Mostly I just think. And think. And think. 🙂 I really am trying to get my thoughts typed out though. If nothing else, for my own retrospect later. (Or maybe it’s just for posterity’s sake…)

    Thanks again for visiting!


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