Procrastination, the precursor to perfection

In an irony that I just relish, this post has been in my “draft” area for about 5 days.

Are you a procrastinator? I am. My whole life I’ve been trying to avoid being a procrastinator, but I think I just needed to redefine the rules to fit my tendencies. (nothing like redefining reality to suit your own needs, eh?)

It turns out that during my time of procrastination, I am subconsciously perfecting the end result. Oh yeah, I’m going to procrastinate MORE often. I urge you to do the same thing. If we all waited until the last minute, think how much more thought would go into things. We can make the world better — maybe not today, but when we get around to it.

If my methodology gets you into trouble with a spouse, parent, etc. — just use some old idioms back up your position. “Look before you leap”, “Patience is a virtue”, “never put off till tomorrow what you could do today”, “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”, “you can’t rush perfection”, etc, etc.

Have a great day everyone. I’m going to go take a nap. 😉

1 thought on “Procrastination, the precursor to perfection”

  1. I have been a big procrastinator most of the latter part of my life. I agree that there’s nothing like redefining reality to suit your own needs. It’s like simply making up your own truth and making it universal, but only you see it.

    I noticed you used “Patience is a virtue.” That was my motto for many years. I said it all the time, but never really lived by it. I’m sometimes quite impulsive. He he.

    Thanks for stopping by, and yes those are indeed my eyes. 😀


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