So now I have to get famous

First off, I fully believe that “famous people” are absolutely normal people. Often quirky, but that’s not an attribute reserved for the famous. They’re just people.

If there is a difference, it’s the huge disadvantage they have because they’re known by so many more people than they know themselves. So what’s a star to do? Good question, and one that those of us with limited fame can only guess.

It’s not uncommon to see actors, singers, etc. together. While I’m sure it’s not terribly fun to be known by so many, and know so few — misery seems to love company. It makes sense to find comfort with folks that understand the plight of fame. (and yes, I’m sure it is a burden, the cool factor would wear off quickly)

What am I getting at? Here’s the deal:

I’m a fan of Wil Wheaton. Yes, I’m a Trekkie — but much more than that, I enjoy his writing. In fact, he’s the kind of person I’d like to have a cup of coffee with, and discuss our vastly differing views on things. I don’t want his autograph, I don’t want to pose with him for pictures, I don’t want a poster, and I don’t want to steal his shoes to sell on ebay.

Here’s the problem: Wil Wheaton happens to be rather famous. To add insult to injury, the only way I was ever exposed to his writing is due to his connection with Star Trek. I’m not a groupie, I don’t know his favorite foods, I’ve never stood in line for his autograph — but it it weren’t for his fame, I’d probably never have been exposed to his blog.

So now, any attempts to contact him outside the normal “Wil, what was it like to work with Patrick Stewart” type question, delve into the “creepy fan” domain. That kinda sucks.

So, in order to ask him some pointed philosophical questions (like what’s his favorite strategy in “Settlers of Catan”), Wil Wheaton needs to become a fan of *me*, because it’s less creepy that way. (Maybe it’s more creepy that way, but at least I’m not the creep…) So here it goes:


I need you to be a huge fan of educational technology. My work in transitioning a school district to Linux thin clients for their primary workstation need to fascinate you. Lengthy diatribes about vegan food, space, struggles with faith, the meaning of life, and coffee should be the first thing you want to read about in the morning. You should know the name of my wife, even though I’ve never introduced you to her.

There. Now we’re even. Drop me an email, we’ll have coffee some time. πŸ™‚

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  1. That is wonderful! Really awesome way to approach things. πŸ™‚ I hear something must have worked for you, since he’s your friend or fan or something now! πŸ™‚


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