The perfect morning

I had a glimpse of a perfect morning (Shawn style), earlier today. It was tainted by sick day guilt, but it was still a refreshing, almost utopia-like view of morning perfection.

I sat at the kitchen counter, on a hard wooden stool. The sun was pouring in the window behind me so that I could feel the warmth soak through my bathrobe. My feet fiddled around with the bar stool rungs, and my over sized monster slippers amused me because they are too big to be practical, yet too fun not to wear. Surprisingly, the contrast of the hard chair, and cold, white, countertop against the cozy bathrobe/slipper/sun combo was quite pleasant. I read my morning paper (which for me, is a 12″ PowerBook, browsing random blogs), and sipped on some fresh coffee. The quiet of a still home, interrupted by occasional sips and “cla-dunk” sounds as I nursed the mug, offered a glimpse of perfection.

The moment vanished quickly, because the dog barked at the neighbor, and the sun brightened a bit so that my screen was hard to read — but those few moments were amazing. I hope that you get a moment or two of perfection today, they make the rest of reality a little easier to manage. 🙂

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