Dumb ol’ spring…

It’s springtime here in northern Michigan. Maybe not according to the calendar, I’m not sure of the “legal limits” on seasons — but it’s springy weather here, so by my calculations, that makes it spring.

For dog owners, spring doesn’t just mean birds twittering, trees budding, and flowers blooming — it means poop thawing. Admittedly, this year we didn’t get snow until after the new year, so our supply of poop isn’t as great as years past, but let’s face it, there is no amount of poo considered “good.”

Here’s the phenomenon: Tigger goes outside, and does his number (number 2, actually) in the snow. It sinks a little, and freezes. The snow piles on top of said poo, and the yard is again pristinely white. Tigger eats, poos, and the process repeats ad nauseam.

Here’s the part that makes me miss winter — when the snow melts, we have hundreds of perfectly preserved poopies scattered about the lawn. These poopies need to be picked up, usually by yours truly. Since Tigger doesn’t usually wander far from the porch in the winter, the area just outside the front door is a literal mine field waiting for unsuspecting shoes.

I’ll literally have a crappy weekend. Hope yours is nicer. 🙂

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