Boom. Inspiration.

I started writing a book! I know, a million would-be authors have started the Great American Novel, but at least I’m almost a published author, right? πŸ™‚

Seriously though, writing a novel is a different beast. I’m thinking about characterization, plot, etc. I know I have the writing ability, I know I have a great idea — the next part is the moxy to put it together. Generally, writers are not shy on ideas. Heck, everyone has great ideas for science fiction books. The problem isn’t with writing ability either. Lots of people can write. That just leaves the moxy.

Over the next , we’ll see how the process goes. I’ll even write about it here. The process. Maybe the book too, who knows.

Well, wish me luck. Maybe updating my imagined audience about the process of book writing will motivate me. My hope is that I’ll be motivated by the story, and I’ll want to see how it ends.

I guess this is day one. Today, I’m researching characterization a bit, to help avoid common pitfalls. My luck, I’ll discover some common pitfalls I’d have never fallen into in the first place. Oh well. πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Boom. Inspiration.”

  1. Shawn you would/will make a great author!! I think you should write a book on your testimony because you have a very good one and I would buy the book in a heart beat!! And I dont doubt that you can write a killer science fiction book, that just comes natrally for you. Well good luck on all your writing but I know I dont have to wish you good luck you’ll do just fine!!

  2. Thanks man. πŸ™‚

    I admit, I’m nervous about the book thing. Books are big. And they’re supposed to make sense, have characters, have a plot, etc. I usually get by with snarky comments and sarcasm. A book full of that would get old quick!

  3. I know you can write a novel. You have a good start and just do your research which will set the foundation for your novel. You have a great imagination when it comes to Sci Fic . I feel you are very gifted in writing and expressing your thoughts on paper not everyone can do that. God has given you some wonderful gifts. dad

  4. That’s awesome Shawn!!! I can see it now…. Shawn Powers, the greatest author of all time.

    Okay. That probably won’t happen, but a little imagination doesn’t hurt. πŸ˜‰

    Good luck!


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