Submission #2

I submitted another magazine article today. This one was a little more work, but just as fun. (Ok, it’s actually for a “cool projects” issue, so it was VERY fun). I really enjoy writing these articles, I hope I can find more venues to publish. I think Linux Journal will get tired of me if I keep sending them query letters. 🙂

I haven’t started my book either. It may seem silly, but a novel is a huge undertaking, and “where to begin” is tough. It’s also a completely different mindset, since we’re talking about something so long. I think I’m going to allow my first book to be a “practice novel.” That way, if it totally sucks, I can tell myself it doesn’t matter, because it was just practice. To be honest, the idea of a practice novel isn’t really mine. Agent to the Stars was a “practice novel” that eventually got published.

Well, I have lots of books to read, so I’m going to read a few chapters, and then take a nap. Maybe I’ll try to write a couple thousand words on my novel too. Time will tell.

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  1. I am glad you got the article sent in. A novel does not have to be real long. I think for starters a shorter one would suffice. Who knows, once you getting going the novel might be longer than you have planned. I have great faith in you. dad


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