Chocolate Pop-Tarts

Last weekend, we traveled to Grand Rapids for my sister’s college graduation. We really tried to be frugal, and so we bought snacks, etc. for the trip. One of the snacks was Chocolate Pop-Tarts. As all too often happens after a long trip, much of the travel fodder remained in the van.

Yesterday I plugged my cellphone into the car charger. For some reason, it didn’t go in quite right, so I looked at the connector, expecting to find some pocket lint in the way. As you probably already guessed, chocolate Pop-Tart filling was oozing from the charging port on my Razr phone. I’ve never had chocolate anything anger me quite so much.

Anyway, after about 45 minutes of scraping and wiping, if I wiggle the cable just right the phone will charge. I’m hoping the rest of the goo will wear off, but the way my luck goes, it will probably only attract dust and dirt.

And it was FRIDAY. I can’t believe Friday let me down…

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