Growin’ up poor

I have a great desire to live frugally. I think, however, that growing up poor makes frugality seem poor as opposed to wise. Don’t get me wrong, I never went hungry as a kid, my Mom always made sure we had what we needed — but we weren’t even close to middle class. All in all, I’m quite happy I grew up the way I did. I think it shaped me into a person I’m relatively proud to be.

But now I have money. I’m not rich. I’m not even upper middle class, but we have a house and 2 used cars. We also have satellite TV, lots of computers, lots of take-out coffee, lots of take-out food, etc. If we make ourselves live frugally, it starts to feel like we’re poor again. I hate that.

Anyway, it’s something I’m working through. Thought I’d share.

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