Yeah, I’ve Got Goals

photo-23.jpgI keep reading how important it is to set goals. Not just set them, but write them down. I’ve never really been one to do that, and at the same time, I rarely meet the goals I do have (but not written.) So here’s the deal. I’m going to write some down. You do the same. I don’t really care where you do it. On your blog, on a napkin, on your baby’s head — anywhere will do. Here are some of mine. You can steal them if you wish, but don’t brag if you beat me to crossing them off.

  1. I want to be vegan. When I eat vegan, I feel healthier, look healthier, fit into smaller clothes, eat tastier foods, etc. The problem is that eating vegan requires work. It’s expensive. You have to shop, and cook, and dice, and simmer, and… It’s hard. McDonald’s is quick, easy, and they finally have tasty coffee. You give me a bagel sandwich, and for 5 minutes, life is good. Then I get bloated, realize I’m fat, and become conscious that my heart seems to be laboring as it beats. I like being the guy that eats tofu. I just need to take the time to DO it.
  2. I want to ride either a bicycle or an electric scooter to work every morning. Yep, an electric scooter. I don’t want that kind with a seat and basket — I want the skateboard with handlebars. I’ll drive that sucker in the middle of winter (which is significant where I live), and I’ll love the fact that I can charge it at work, and never pay insurance. Honestly though, if I can manage , perhaps I’ll be happier on a bicycle anyway. Right now I don’t want to get that sweaty on the way to work.
  3. I want to sell books. No, I don’t want to work at Barnes and Nobles or anything, I mean I want to write the books, and have people buy them. I’d actually like them to enjoy reading them too.
  4. Someday, I’ll own a refrigerator with an ice dispenser in the door. I don’t really care if it has water and/or crushed ice — but I MUST own a fridge with an ice dispenser in the door. I really must.
  5. I want to be a radio DJ. This has been a goal of mine for a long time, and I think I might open that goal up to Internet radio, because it’s pretty cool too. I really want people to actually hear me though — so just talking into a microphone doesn’t count.

Ok, that’ll due for now. How about you? What are your goals?

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1 thought on “Yeah, I’ve Got Goals”

  1. Your goals sound realistic. I think 1 and 2 are most peoples goals, eat better and exercise (ride bike). Goal 3 is something I pray you do, you have such talent. I have to ask if you have gotten some of your memory back, your #3 is something you have wanted since before I thought you could remember. And its funny with #4, there is a radio station I listen to down here and I often say to myself how you’d fit right in on air. Love you


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