Carry On Is My Only Choice…

I’m currently at a 3 day conference in Boyne Falls, MI. (At Boyne Mountain resort for my stalkers, mind you though, it’s a big place) I arrived around 9:30AM, and I’ve already had some great opportunities to speak with people smarter than I am. The problem is that my room won’t be available until 6PM. That, um, sucks.

Thankfully, I packed like a homeless man, and all my clothes and books are in a briefcase. (heh, briefs in a briefcase. And yes, I realize homeless folks don’t usually have briefcases.) The downside is that I need to lug that and my laptop case around to all the conference sessions today. If I’m lucky, I can get into my room long enough to throw my stuff on the bed and RUN back to the dinner buffet. Since all I’ve eaten today is granola bars and fruit roll-ups, I’m really looking forward to dinner!

Wish me luck!

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