Restaurant Spike Nightmares scaled597e_1.JPG(This is an old post, but I actually had a Zolpidem Tartrate Buy Online Uk nightmare about one of these things last night, so thought I’d repost) There are some things that really scare me. Bees, hoop earrings, woolen underwear, and restaurant spikes. Ok, ANY earrings give me the heebee-jeebees, but that’s another story altogether.

Buy Zolpidem Overnight Every time I go to a restaurant, I have the horrible feeling I’m going to slip, and impale my hand on that darn receipt-grabbing weapon. I know it’s absurd, but my hand tingles just typing about it. It doesn’t help that our local diner didn’t spring for the fancy, pretty model you see here. There’s just a chunk of 2×4 with a huge nail pounded through it.

Why do we have to skewer our proofs of purchase? Can’t we count the register with unholy receipts? Would it kill people to put these things in a box?!?! Buy a clothespin man!

Buy Ambien Uk Sorry, those things just freak me out…

10 thoughts on “Restaurant Spike Nightmares”

  1. OH, crap! Those things scare me! I was working on an art box last week and using a poem that mentioned one of those things…. I thought about trying to buy one to use but I was afraid I would smash my hand down on it. EYES! God can’t even think about it! * I have an “eye thing* too….

  2. Zolpidem Online Prescription I worked with those things all day every day for about 8 years at our bike rental. Only seen two cases of stigmata in that time. BTW, how does this compare to your fear of bees? I recall we were going down the road once and a bee flew into the truck when you decided driving was a secondary priority to screaming and flailing wildly at a tiny insect while we swerved into on-coming traffic.

    Buy Generic Ambien Cr I think at that level you have to spell it FEAR!!


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