Tis the Season

perot.jpgIt’s that time of the (year * 4) when we begin to hear about all the candidates, potential candidates, lovers of potential candidates, and potential lovers of people that once went to college with the ex stripper that ate cheese whiz off the other candidates partially inhaled drug usage charges when he was in jail for molesting various and sundry things while damaging and/or supporting environmental… you get the idea.

I hate this time of (year *4), and it’s a lengthy season. Yuck.

8 thoughts on “Tis the Season”

  1. There is nobody I want to vote for. I have no idea what I’m going to do on voting day, but smear campaigns and puppy petting commercials aren’t likely to help me decide.

  2. Me four. I intensely dislike all of the choices at the moment.

    It just seems that of all the people in the US, there should be at least one rational, reasonable, likable candidate. I hate being stuck with doing my usual – voting for the lesser of evils. Or voting for a candidate, just to keep the guy I hate more out of office. I’m going back to bed now.

  3. I just saw the highlights of Oprahpalooza on this morning’s news. Yeesh.

    My eleven year old is on the Obama bandwagon. Would it be out of line for me to suggest, as we live in the city and he is very much in the minority as a white kid at his school, that maybe he’s so excited about Obama because his friends are? That maybe Obama’s support is culturally and racially based here in downtown Richmond? Just saying.

  4. I really hate the ads. They are so cliched & mindless… they scream that the makers don’t respect the viewing audience to think critically.

    And here’s a question – does the actual campaigning for the next seven months make a difference? I don’t know if I can communicate this all that well, but are you going to decide or change your vote because of some speech or visit to your hometown or baby kissing? It seems to me the fluctuations in vote between now and then are really more statistical, campaign funding and scandal oriented, not actual issues-based voter decisions.


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