Why I Haven’t Written A Book

awesome.pngI have no good excuse. It’s probably the fear of failure. Maybe it’s intimidation on tackling such a huge project. Maybe it’s a combination of several things. The funny thing is, I usually do well when I’m given a deadline. I recently took a magazine article assignment, and had a deadline of a week later. I pretty much met my deadline. (The Devil’s in the details, but it’s not really exciting)

So sure, maybe one day I’ll have a book assignment, and I’ll have to write it. John Scalzi has a deadline this month to finish his current book. I have to admit, I’m a little jealous. Yeah, I could easily “assign” myself a deadline, but really, I’m smart enough that I can’t quite fool myself that way. My recent failure at the NaNoWriMo is just another example. Oh well, I’m not terribly old yet. Hopefully one of these days I’ll get around to doing what I claim I want to do for a living. 🙂 I just need to quit writing blog entries explaining away my lack of novel, and write one!

Oh, and that picture on the fake book is freaky. I’m just sayin.

4 thoughts on “Why I Haven’t Written A Book”

  1. Hmmm… if the nanowrimo deadline isn’t good enough for you, does that mean what you need isn’t just a deadline, but a deadline with dire external consequences? Maybe your wife could confiscate a favorite toy or something if you don’t finish something in time. 😉

    Also, it’s helpful to not think about the fact that you’re trying to write an entire novel. Think of it in smaller chunks. You’re trying to write a chapter. Or a scene. Then, tomorrow, you’ll try to write another one. If you keep doing that enough days in a row, you’ll soon have enough to make up a whole novel.

    And finally, James D. Macdonald’s Butt-In-Chair method might be worth a try (fourth post down).

  2. I’m with you, brother. I’ve stopped telling people I want to write, as I have to say it sheepishly.

    But I joined a writer’s group that meets twice a month, and that is helping me with “Butt in Chair”, as I don’t want to show up empty handed. It’s no novel, but it’s making me feel productive.

    You could try it in your “spare” time (yuk, yuk).

  3. Actually, aside from the wierd coloration, it looks like the original of the photo (the un-mirrored one) might actually be a nice picture of you, Shawn.

    And I’m with ya on the “I’m not terribly old, I still have time” plan. I’m collecting experiences at the moment. 😉


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