My New Schedule

From now until, well, maybe forever — my works schedule has changed. I’m now working from 4AM to Noon. My blogging will likely take a bit to adjust to the new times, because quite frankly, I’m very tired.


More later. Probably. Must sleep now, and finish reviewing this week’s Gadget. (It’s a really nice one, I want to keep it.)

8 thoughts on “My New Schedule”

  1. Now you can say that you get more done before 8am than most IT people do all day.
    That is if you hadn’t been saying that already.

  2. Hell, I’ll trade you. I work 7AM to whenever I feel like quiting – which is usually around 5PM. Yeah, I know that’s a fairly normal schedule for most people, but after two and half decades in the military it’s killing me. I felt better when I was living on bad coffee and two hours of sleep a day.

  3. Oh good, I should start feeling better any day now. I’m beginning to gauge the amount of coffee grounds as an inverse ratio of the sleep I get. I’m close to using a spoon right out of the can. Ugh.

  4. Is that picture “Shawn just getting up in the morning”, “Shawn just getting home from work”, or “Shawn who just learned that Dr. Phil is in the news again”?

  5. I don’t really remember, but judging by the background, I’d guess after work. The yawn was staged though. My body doesn’t adjust well to sleep changes, and reverts to, “Oh, ok — so we’re not sleeping anymore. Ever. Cool, I’m game. We’ll stop that pesky brain from working too….”

    This year, so far, sucks. I’m just sayin’

  6. I feel you pain, bro. Work schedule is 7am to 3pm (if I only work an 8 hour day, yeah, right!). That means I’m up a little after 5am and home around 4pm (see 8 hour day caveat). Getting up when it’s still dark-o’clock is not good for the soul.


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