LOLPunch. In the Face.

I’ve mentioned before that I really, really like me a good LOLCat. No, not stir fried or broiled, but one of them there funny cat pictures. Here’s a random one now. Enjoy. My apologies if you get a ceiling cat, they tend to be a little risque.

My issue, today, is with the commenters on that site. Have you ever read the comments? It’s painful. It angers me. It makes me want to punch things. Things like faces. (This might be partially due to my current sleep issues, but still, I don’t think I’d like it even on a good night sleep)

So anyway, the moral of the story? Cats can use poor grammar and spelling, and it’s funny. If you’re referring to an LOLCat, it’s sometimes funny to speak that way. If you’re trying to be funny by speaking like an LOLCat caption at inopportune times — even that can be funny.

If you try to carry on a conversation using LOLSpeak, you deserve to get punched in the face. My fist, let me show you it.

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10 thoughts on “LOLPunch. In the Face.”

  1. ceiling cat….

    Oh buddy I get the feeling that what you think is dark humor and what I laugh at without thinking are so so very far apart.

    Yes that pretty much means I’m wrong in the head but whatever.

    I installed sheet metal ceilings to thwart ceiling kittah!

  2. Nathan, may I recommend a shovel, instead? I’ve found smacking someone in the face with a shovel is easier on the bones in your hand than your plan.

    My shovel. Let me show you it. Up close and personal.

  3. First off, love that you accidently assumed the maniac face puncher was Nathan, rather than me. hehehehe. Second, I might take you up on that shovel suggestion. The “TONG” noise it would make I think might soothe my soul a bit…

  4. I still find it a little bizarre that LOLspeak is so popular and fun for the whole family, while Leet is frowned upon and banished whenever and wherever it appears.

  5. I tend to avoid the Cute Overload comments for the same reason. “You’re abusing that animal” or whatever when it’s totally not the case, and derails the discussion to PETA level.

    MWT, my family tries to speak leet – or at least my boys – it’s kinda funny it’s so bad.


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