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Continued 2008 Suckfest, and a Review.

It appears as though our well quit today. This does not please me, because although a well is just a big hole in the ground, it’s a rather pricey hole in the ground. And apparently our well pump doesn’t suck, and it’s actually supposed to. What a weird world.

Anyway, wish me luck. The well guy is coming today at 5:15, and hopefully he’ll wave a wand and everything will be fine. Uh hu.

Here’s this week’s product review, however, if you’re into that sorta thing. OH, and the company is GIVING AWAY 2 of these products through the Linux Journal website. It’s another video thing, apparently, but the prize is a TON better than a T-Shirt. For the record, Brad (our local commenting buddy) was the only one that won a T-Shirt, so winning might be fairly easy. I dunno. Click here to read more details.

6 thoughts on “Continued 2008 Suckfest, and a Review.”

  1. It sucks that your well doesn’t.

    And your presentation style, even, is a lot like Alton Brown. (except Alton talks about cooking geekery) Thanks for sharing!

  2. The Tshirt reference reminded me that I am still shirtless, I suspect the ruthless mailman!

    Sorry about your lack of suction, you could be popular with the family and install a hand pump. It would save lots of money on electricity, possibly enough to write it off as an eco-friendly home improvement.

  3. The only details over at LinuxJournal.com say to email in video submissions through January 30. Do you know if they want the actual video file or just a link to the file? What formats/codecs are acceptable? Would just creating/uploading a video to YouTube and sending in a link be sufficient?

  4. Ah, generally, the preferred method is youtube and a link. 🙂 In fact, I’m sure it would be exactly what they’re hoping for.

    I’m thrilled to see someone from my site willing to win an OSD. I have no idea how many submissions they’ve gotten, but with the last contest (which Brad is referring to), he was the only submission!

    Oh, and Brad — as long as you sent them your mailing address, I’m sure it’s coming. The wheels turn slowly…


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