I’m Flippin’ Baby…

That’s right folks, there’s no hope now. You’ll be seeing much more of me. (I mean, not like more of me, but more often.) Sadly, my truck is off the road for the winter, so actual TruckCam will have to wait. I’ll try to fill the void with something. Yay for video!!!

And Today, There Be Video

I’m making videos again today. I love making videos, I truly do. You’ll have the opportunity to see them in the near future over at Linux Journal — but suffice to say, I’m a bit giddy today as the camera rolls. 🙂 Oh, and my office still has barren walls. I have an awesome penguin … Read more

Parody Much?

I tend to impulse buy domains. I own ihatedigg.com, because I was (and largely still am) frustrated with Digg. This morning, I was watching Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library reviews, and thought it would be funny to do a parody. So, I bought a domain. Be sure to watch Gary’s stuff first, then check out my … Read more

Brain of Shawn Podcast #3

I’m here at the Penguicon, and it turns out, *I* am one of the horribly awkward individuals that becomes a wallflower in a crowded room. Based on my online presence, that might come as a surprise to some. You can hear me lament a bit here: [display_podcast]