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Brain of Shawn Podcast #3

I’m here at the Penguicon, and it turns out, *I* am one of the horribly awkward individuals that becomes a wallflower in a crowded room. Based on my online presence, that might come as a surprise to some. You can hear me lament a bit here:


12 thoughts on “Brain of Shawn Podcast #3”

  1. I’m going to state the obvious here and say: Shawn! Dude! You have an awesome and funny personality. Next time you are standing around, feeling awkward, look around and see if you see anyone else doing the same thing, go over and say “I never knew I was such a wallflower before this con. In fact, I’ve never been to one before. Have you? Oh, sorry, forgot to introduce myself, I’m Shawn Powers.”
    Another great time to start a conversation is standing/sitting next to someone waiting for an event to begin. Or, after you’ve listened to a talk or panel or whatever, talk to the person next to you about what you just heard.

    I’m not much of an extrovert myself, but I’ve taught myself the skills to appear to be one. And it does get easier with practice. The important thing to remember is that the other person usually feels just as awkward as you do! So you have at least that in common, right?

  2. PS – I bet if you are able to met John Scalzi, he would consent to be videoed! (I assume you know he’s there. I didn’t until I checked his blog a minute ago.)

  3. What you need is a big, important-looking jacket that says “Linux Journal” on the back of it, and then you just go strutting around like you own the place. Everyone will think you’re incredibly important (not suggesting you’re not, just ways of getting the message across) and will flock to talk to you, be on camera, and stick a sticker to their forehead.

    Also, a couple of Linux Journal bikini babes wouldn’t hurt. That’s not really my thing, but you know, geeks and all…

  4. You have my sympathy. I don’t like crowds and tend to find a nice quiet corner from which I can sit and watch people go by.

    But of course it would be better for *us* if you were all funny and stuff!

  5. You’re right to be a wall flower Shawn. I mean you traveled 250 miles to be there. The last thing you want to do after spending all that time, money and energy to get there is to risk being uncomfortable by talking to someone you don’t know. 😉

  6. Shawn I feel bad now. I’m pretty close to where you are and I forgot to register for that CON. I have the site bookmarked and the date just whizzed by me.

    I hope it gets less lame for you, if you need a conversation opener just scream VISTA RULES and watch the flock coming to debate you.

    If you want a laugh come to the MAEDS spring PD day where the topic is intro to Linux administration. I’m going to be there just to watch Roy grumble about how lame he thinks Linux is.

  7. I’ve never been to a CON, and based on all the reports about costumes and stuff, I’m not sure that’s gonna change. I also totally empathize with your wallflowerness. In spite of being the guy, who online, runs around waving his arms, hollering “look at me”, I’m pretty much a lump in public crowd situations.

    OTOH, one thing I do know is that being in your room is not conducive to meeting anyone. Go downstairs. Now!

  8. I can totally relate. I am a very shy and quite guy. It takes a while for me to loosen up.

    Have you listened to the band called The Wallflowers? They’re awesome!

  9. @Monochrome Rainbows:

    Actually, if you were at Fall MAEDS 2006, you would have seen history go down. Roy uttered the words: “Vista is a freaking PIG.” He then went on to be mezmorized by Compiz on SLED10… True story!

  10. @Mike D

    If you thought that was strange get a load of this. Roy will be at the MAEDS Spring PD day this Friday where the central topic is Linux administration.

    In his defense he’s on the MAEDS board but I think thats a cover up excuse.

  11. Thats true but don’t try and defend Deep Freeze around him. Unless you want to get into an argument that ends with “I’m right because I am and I said so”.


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