The Internet is Slo[connection lost]

I’m here at the Penguicon, and day 2 is going swimmingly better than day 1 did. The only downside is that I can’t seem to get a decent Internet connection. It may have something to do with the million geeks all sharing the same DSL line — but still, it’s frustrating.

So far today, I had a “lobby room discussion” with John and Krissy Scalzi, and also with Randall Monroe (of XKCD). Benjamin Mako Hill agreed to do an interview with me later, AND I think I’m having sushi for dinner. What a day!

In all honesty though, I really do miss my family like crazy. Since the Internet connection is so poor, we weren’t able to Skype well last night either, so I didn’t get my fix. So this is for my family, but y’all can watch:

13 thoughts on “The Internet is Slo[connection lost]”

  1. Someone there probably decided they had to upload 800Gb of video to their blog. It’s all one jerk killing the bandwidth for everyone.

    I bet that guy feels really smug right now, sitting on a throne wearing a monicle and tophat.

  2. 13 years ago I remember when you watched the progress bar on a jpeg that took 45 minutes to download.

    Now the net is so slow you can only post a blog and a minute or so of video to your website. 🙂 Hope you arrived home safely.

  3. You are so sweet and wholesome. I feel like a bitter, cynical, nasty unpleasantness in comparison to you. Then again, I’m not married to Donna, maybe that would make a difference… Hmm. I’ll have to think about that.

  4. Yeah, Shawn’s just being all social and outwards now that he’s back home; emailing everyone who had anything to do with Penguicon about how he can help out for NEXT year!

    Which is of course, always appreciated. 🙂

    Feeding the LAN Party, the 30 machines in the Computer Lounge, and everyone in their hotel rooms leaving their machines on doing who KNOWS what, off of the hotel’s baby T1, certainly was a problem. 🙂


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