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I’m Flippin’ Baby…

That’s right folks, there’s no hope now. You’ll be seeing much more of me. (I mean, not like more of me, but more often.)

I'm not wearing pants in this photo.  It's true.  :)

Sadly, my truck is off the road for the winter, so actual TruckCam will have to wait. I’ll try to fill the void with something. Yay for video!!!

9 thoughts on “I’m Flippin’ Baby…”

  1. Today we took video of Dad for Grandmom, then when we got home we took video of Grandmom to take to show Dad tomorrow.

    Yesterday’s video taken on the Netbook was more amusing, but much lower quality.

    Not sure how it will compare with the video taken with my phone when he was in pre-op.


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