Parody Much?

I tend to impulse buy domains. I own, because I was (and largely still am) frustrated with Digg.

This morning, I was watching Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library reviews, and thought it would be funny to do a parody. So, I bought a domain. Be sure to watch Gary’s stuff first, then check out my own review:



3 thoughts on “Parody Much?”

  1. Comment 1 – on topic. YOu motivated me to finally go out and acquire my dot com mogul name, just in case some parody imposter decides to acquire it after I get famous.

    Comment 2 – off topic. Awhile back we were talking about open source OSX office software programs. What do you use & like? I’m trying to reduce hard drive space and de-microsoft in the process – for myself and then the boys. I’m getting annoyed at the HD space issue though – I keep removing and archiving stuff and emptying the trash and the HD space seems to be shrinking not growing! (per iStat pro)

  2. I figure, I spend five bucks on a cup of coffee, and buying a dot com domain is like six bucks. Why resist?!?! 😀

    Regarding OSX open source software, let me blog you a little story… it seems too long to be just a comment.


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