10 thoughts on “Truck Cam: Sitemeter Eats Crow, I’m Impressed”

  1. Good Morning Shawn. I just got up, it’s my day off. Nice to see you so early in the morning. Hurray for Sitemaster!!
    So, is FBM Sitemaster or is FBM someone who sent you something Sitemaster said? I went to FBM’s URL and thought I landed on some other planet or something so I couldn’t tell what it was.

    “Woops” all those times I just said Sitemaster, well take out the “as” and put in “e”. I was close but WRONG.

  2. You should get one of those Norelco multi trimmers. They are usually less then $30 and have a nose hair thing. It’s much less painful than the alternatives.

  3. There’s that tongue again. You’re doing it to bait me into commenting, now.

    The nose hair thing: Hubs went through the same thing. And the shaving-makes-it-thicker thing is a myth. Use the trimmer, save yourself some pain.

    Yours in random babble,

  4. I just played your redlight rant for James, he was just complaining to me about eyebrow hairs getting out of hand. He says tell you after you hit 50 your eyebrow hair start growing like bushes and tickle your eyelashes. And on that same thought wave there is a guy at work that is around 75 and his ears grow hair bushes. Those Golden Years…

    On a good note, James is taking me out for dinner for my birthday tonight (cause I had to work last night). And I’m hungery.

  5. Waxing. Only way to go. The pain is quick and over with. I’m not sure where you can find someone to wax nosehairs, but I’m sure it can be done…

  6. You are completely correct about the nose hairs! I’m 31 and it’s as if there is some sort of genetic trigger that awakens the nose hairs to come out of hibernation when your odometer flips 30. Very odd indeed.


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