4 thoughts on “Truckcam: Chevy S-10 Edition”

  1. I just pulled this video up to watch and quickly realized I had the sound turned off my computer. So I pressed the little sound button back on my computer and heard Shawn speaking with this super funky “sounds like he’s in a W Hotel” music going on in the background. And I was like “DID SHAWN GET HIS OWN THEME SONG?!!!”, and I was totally jealous. Because lets face it, everyone should have their own theme song.

    Upon further investigation I had this page up in another tab, http://www.salvatoreferragamo.it/en/#itemId=21B222&folderId=/en/women/bags& . It dubs over this truckcam video quite nicely, actually.

    Moral to the story: you need a theme song.


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