Great Balls of Fire!

We went to Salvador Molly’s here in Portland, and I took the “Great Balls of Fire” challenge. It’s 5 habanero fritters with habanero salsa. If you “win” you get your photo on the wall of flame. Kyle Rankin took video of the event:

13 thoughts on “Great Balls of Fire!”

  1. Got a bunch of habaneros getting ripe out in the garden. Be glad to send you some if you think you’re getting addicted to them. I like ’em (in moderation), but my wife won’t even touch them! (When I say touch I mean touch — she says they burn her fingers.)

  2. I will leave you alone after this comment, but did your photo make it on the wall of Fire? You did not mention that anywhere…I just had a glass of milk after watching that!


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