I Did. I Promise.

I really did take my medicine last night. I promise. And I’m quite certain of it, because I had to get up and use the facilities about 37 times. (My blood pressure medicine is a diuretic, which is just a joy to take before bed.)

Maybe I should get one of those fancy pill cases with the days on them. I used to have one when I was on like 13 medications (post car accident), but anymore I just try to remember to take my one blood pressure pill. And, usually fail.

…back to work. 🙂

3 thoughts on “I Did. I Promise.”

  1. If the timing works, try taking it first thing in the morning, so you pee only when you’re awake. 🙂

    I keep my medication in the bathroom (which is normally a no-no) so I see it when I step out of the shower before going bed. If you drink coffee first thing in the morning, set it on the coffee pot, until you get in the routine of taking it every morning, etc.)

    And really, don’t forget to take your blood pressure medication! I miss mine, I’m going to be cranky and irritable. You miss yours, and you could have dire consequences.

    So we now require daily updates, letting us know you’ve taken your meds. Hop to it!

  2. Older smug son has epilepsy, and has to take daily pills. We used one of the days of the week pill containers to train him on it – and lesson learned, a transparent container is better than an opaque one. He used to make us crazy by saying, “But mom, I did take my medicine this morning, I took the one from Saturday’s slot!”


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