Took It.

I did take my pill (and I’d have forgotten, if it weren’t for Michelle), and I’m trying to dream up some absurd widget that I have to update daily when I take my pill.

Maybe I’ll integrate a “skype me a reminder” button somehow too.

…anyway, I’m off to take the kids to the library to see an owl with a heart-shaped face. (seriously) And then we’re off to the movies later to watch The Spiderwick Chronicles. We finished the book series about 10 minutes ago. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Took It.”

  1. Good job!

    Seriously, whatever you do first thing in the morning–put your pills there. If that has to be the back of the toilet–so be it. If it’s on the coffee pot, that works too. If you drink juice first thing in the morning, stick the pills in a juice glass.

    Once you get in the habit, it’ll be much easier to remember.

    Or, you can set an alarm on your cell phone/PDA/watch.

    Or, I can continue to harass you unmercifully.

  2. Michelllllllle, (extra l’s to make up for future typos),

    I’m not on any medication and a probably walk more than most people who live in anything remotely like a suburb. No car. 15 minute walk to the subway. Not getting off of the couch today. Hah!

  3. Just a shout out to everyone who continually reminds my husband to take his meds! THANK YOU SO MUCH! If you are nagging him, then I don’t have to so much, and it makes our relationship that much better 😉

  4. Jeez Donna, you’re welcome.

    If there’s anything else you want us to nag him about, just let us know. We’re happy to serve.

    SHAWN, PICK UP YOUR SOCKS!11!!!1!!!!!


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