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I don’t have a problem writing non-fiction, but fiction is difficult for me. Really really. I’m not quite sure why. I think I’ll blame the Great Red Spot, because I don’t think it gets blamed for enough stuff.

I thought I’d put a link up to 1200 words of fiction that I wrote. I don’t think it sucks, and I hope to actually make a story from it. Hopefully someday I’ll figure out what it is about fiction that kicks my butt so.

10 thoughts on “Fiction Snippet”

  1. Wouldn’t it be weird if you could only get inspired to write really good fiction by doing something extreme? I could just picture someone typing on a laptop while parachuting.

    Or screaming ideas into a recorder while running from a bull stamped.

  2. Shawn,

    Maybe try something smaller first? Of course some people don’t do well writing short fiction, but I find it a good exercise.

    What I’ll do most often is take something I see, and then make up an explanation about it.

    Like this:

    I’ll also do the same thing for dreams. Take a snippet of a dream and build a small story to explain it. Like this:

    Sometimes they’re good, sometimes, they’re not, but I find the process very helpful for learning how to write dialog and describe a scene.

  3. Shawn – you definitely have some good parts there… and short fiction is just fine as a place to start, although as I understand it the market is kind of tough.

    I like your buildup of suspense, your setting and the sense of mystery. Keep writing!


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