Fiction Snippet I don’t have a problem writing non-fiction, but fiction is difficult for me. Really really. I’m not quite sure why. I think I’ll blame the Great Red Spot, because I don’t think it gets blamed for enough stuff.

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Buy Ambien Cr 12.5 Online I thought I’d put a link up to 1200 words of fiction that I wrote. I don’t think it sucks, and I hope to actually make a story from it. Hopefully someday I’ll figure out what it is about fiction that kicks my butt so.

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  1. Shawn,

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    Cheap Zolpidem Uk Maybe try something smaller first? Of course some people don’t do well writing short fiction, but I find it a good exercise. What I’ll do most often is take something I see, and then make up an explanation about it. Like this: I’ll also do the same thing for dreams. Take a snippet of a dream and build a small story to explain it. Like this: Sometimes they’re good, sometimes, they’re not, but I find the process very helpful for learning how to write dialog and describe a scene.


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