Math for Telecommuters

As a public service to the blogosphere, I will give the following advice:

6AM EST is not 9AM PST. It is, in fact, 3AM PST, and not a terribly appropriate time for an online meeting.

You’re welcome.


8 thoughts on “Math for Telecommuters”

  1. Outlook takes care of those things for you… you can even add another time zone to your calendar display using tools > options > calendar options > time zone. The app doesn’t seem to be very popular among schools, probably b/c of licensing cost and admin challenges.

    It is an ongoing issue though, the more geographically distributed we become… I have one Alaskan project team member who wants to take a couple of mornings a week off, while the rest of his project team is Eastern time, meaning their schedules don’t intersect those days. Bad choice. P

  2. Heheh. I’ve done that, though it was by calling a friend on the east coast while I was on the west coast. I got her father, who sounded very sleepy and vaguely annoyed. Oops…

  3. I had a producer who used to call me in NY from LA and he could never figure out the time difference. He called me at 2 in the morning quite often.
    He said, “The sun comes up in NY before it does in LA, right? Then it’s gotta be earlier there.”


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