Wubi… What a Fun Word

Another 2 weeks went by, and you probably didn’t even miss the Gadget Guy video, but it’s that time of the every other week again. This time, I look at Wubi. It’s so fun to say. Woooobi doobie doo…

Oh, and what do you think of the widescreen instead of standard 4×3? Also, we’re using blip.tv now, which has much nicer video quality… Do you agree?

6 thoughts on “Wubi… What a Fun Word”

  1. Maybe you should also add that if people try installing wubi on a Vista machine with the latest updates then the installation is likely to crash at the very end. This can be avoided by copying wubi.exe file onto the hardrive and running it from there. Unless you give new users this bit of info, they might end up hating ubuntu like never before!!

  2. I didn’t know that… I actually will paste your comment over at the Linux Journal site, unless you read this comment and are willing to do it first! (I have to run out the door to work right now…)

  3. Wubi is a neat idea. It’s like using Virtual PC or VMware but with less hassle.

    Maybe it will show a new crop of users that they to can have a love hate relationship with linux.


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