5 Day Mulligan

This past week has really really stunk. I call a do over. Or at least, let’s not talk about it anymore. For those keeping score:

  • The product I was supposed to review didn’t come in
  • I wasted a whole day working out purchase orders for used computers
  • My replacement video did not go well, and was 2 days late
  • I didn’t write a single article this week for the Linux Journal website. They should be mad at me.
  • I haven’t had time to edit any of the magazine articles piled up for me
  • The (1) firewire port on my MacBook Pro is broken, and to import video, I had to set a heavy book on the cable, wedging it in the broken port
  • The laptop is under warranty, but I don’t have the time to be without it
  • And to top it all off, I had to take Chewy back to the shelter today, because him and Tigger were getting more and more aggressive with each other. The shelter people made me lock him in the kennel myself. It was horrifying.

So, in spite of all the piles of work I need to do, I decided to take the day off and spend it with my two youngest kids. (Donna and Amanda were at a concert) We went to the park, and we went to Burger King. It’s been a pretty good day. 🙂

8 thoughts on “5 Day Mulligan”

  1. Sometimes you the windshield, sometimes you the bug.

    But I think you spent the day in the best way, with family. And that’s what really matters in the end.

    Better week next week!

  2. Shawn, that stinks. I’m sending good thoughts and wishes for a better next week your way! Little girl hugs can go a long way for making up for stuff that sucks – I hope you collected plenty on your day with them. 🙂

  3. Don’t you hate it when the world puts the cat poop in your shoe (metaphorically speaking)?

    *hug* to you and everyone else in the Powers house. I’m glad you’re able to step back and enjoy time with the family.

    As a long time browser of other people’s copies of Linux Journal, I’ll absolve you of neglecting we readers.

  4. MWT: While I was still at the shelter, there was already a family loving on him, so I’m pretty hopeful. Plus, he’s already been neutered, he had a bath the same day, he comes with a $100 crate we bought him, and he’s the cutest most affectionate dog in the world.

    So yeah, I’m fairly certain he’ll get a good home. Sadly, it’s just not ours…

    Everyone: Thanks for the well wishes and virtu-chocolate. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the hopeful news about Chewy. As a pet owner, that was the one that went straight to my heart. Hope next week is as good as this one was bad.


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