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15 thoughts on “At Least They’re Mostly Guys…”

  1. The last time i did this I think that most of my matches were men. I am going to have to try it again!
    (and I agree with the jon stewart pic)

  2. From what I hear, Chuck Palahniuk stalkers fans can be pretty frightening–you might want to stay away from book signings. And denying you’re him isn’t going to do you a damn bit of good, they’ll just wink and nod because they’ve all read Fight Club and think you’re doing a thing. My suggestion is you don’t try to negotiate, just run. Don’t look back. Don’t stop to catch your breath. Just flee. Like your life depends upon it. Because it might. They might decide having a dismantled Chuck Palahniuk in their refrigerators is totally Palahniukian, and a fake Chuck Palahniuk even more Palahniukian.

  3. I gotta agree with Eric re: the Chuck Palahniuk thing. He’s a scary guy, and I don’t like to have you associated with him. Maybe you could wear makeup or something (or he could)? I’m going to hope his fans never see your face…


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