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I Get Ranty at HP

My Linux Journal video this week is a far cry from my normal silliness. There’s a part of me that hopes my change of pace further exemplifies how serious I feel about computer vendors and their lack of openness. I’ll admit, this video was awkward for me to release, because it’s not my normal shtick. Feel free to disagree with my opinions, but rest assured, it’s not an act. Srsly.

15 thoughts on “I Get Ranty at HP”

  1. I was on the fence about attending the MAEDS conference this year. Now I’m thinking it might be fun to hang around the HP booth when you show up.

  2. Like I said to you earlier, even when you’re going off on a rant, you’re still endearing. It’s very hard not to like your small journeys into seriousness. 😉

    Does that make sense? In my head, it makes perfect sense.

  3. Actually,

    I thought that was funnier than some of the stuff where you mean to be funny.

    The whole thing about Vista running almost as fast on the cardboard version was a hoot!

  4. its not your normal silliness, but its very true. I think they recommend using Vista because Microsoft is evil and they’ll kill HP if they dont shove Vista down the consumers throats.

  5. Getting paid to pimp a product is fine, as long as you point out up front that it’s a paid political announcement. And I remember when Microsoft told manufacturers that they could sell computers with DR-DOS, but had to pay for MS-DOS as well even if it wasn’t installed on the machine if they wanted to be able to install and sell Windows.

  6. Agreed, getting paid for pimping is fine — I do it myself in Linux Journal videos from time to time. That said, I wouldn’t recommend a product I thought was crap. I’d hesitate to even accept them as a sponsor, but I would definitely draw the line at “recommending” them.

    I realize Microsoft is a big bully, but it’s not like HP is a tiny vendor either. C’mon guys, grow a pair. 😀

  7. If this was at a symposium of some sort I would be standing up and applauding. Dell ticked me off selling their Linux hardware for as much or more than the Windows hardware, OLPC going the way of evil and installing Windows, and now HP as well? I’ve always liked HP for their printer support, but this is ridiculous. What next, the gPC with Vista, Eee PC Windows only? Something screams kickback to me, why recommend something that makes your hardware look slower and cost more? Stevie B has his hands in this methinks.

    Keep telling it like it is!

  8. I agree with you Shawn. I think HP needs to understand that “geeks” tend to have much power especially in recommending things to corporations and individuals. For instance, I have “converted” our church into installing Ubuntu on their systems for security. I also installed Ubuntu on 5 different desktops and laptops in the past 3 months alone! What’s more is I ask those people how they like it and they say it runs fast, is free of viruses and spyware, and does everything they want it to for FREE!!!

    Okay, I will stop sweating and shouting now… Calm down. 😉

  9. Well done! As you said I hope they listen to you, but I doubt it. And as a sidenote my HP dv6040us notebook has been a constant battle to get up and keep running as a linux only box, and my wife’s NEW HP desktop is so bogged down by Vista that she comes and uses my laptop sometimes.

    Let them know what we think.

  10. Dude, you do know they can’t sell Windows XP anymore, right? That their options are Vista or Windows 7, as far as Windows is concerned?

    Furthermore, OEM systems themselves are virtually commodity products, much like apples or oranges. We want to purchase them at the lowest price possible. If HP can get a better deal on their products by plastering, “HP recommends Windows Vista Business” on them, then that’s something we want them to do, because, as you rightly pointed out, we’re all going to end up buying a machine with Windows on it sooner or later. Seriously, if you don’t understand why you want them to be doing these things, you should probably relinquish your purchasing power. Taking offense now at something that’s been on virtually every machine HP has manufactured for the past decade (at least) in some form or another is childish, silly, and makes you quite honestly look ignorant and incompetent as a result of your ignorance.

    There are plenty of reasons to dislike HP (just like any other large vendor). However, focus on the ones that actually make sense, instead of the ones that are really blessings in disguise.

    Also, they don’t care much about your loyalty when they can negotiate enterprise-wide lease and purchasing contracts with entire large enterprises that purchase more machines in a week (possibly a day) then you purchase in an entire year. Forced loyalty is much better than genuine loyalty, just so you know.

  11. So I just saw that this was originally made in 2008, when XP was indeed available still, so I apologize and retract that. Why people are linking to two year old things I’ll never quite know. I stand by the rest of it though. HP marketing pushing Windows is laudable, as long as it saves us money in the end.


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