7 thoughts on “Portland the pretty part :)”

  1. Yes indeed, although I’m leaving EARLY in the morning. It is a really pretty place, and my first time in the Pacific north west. Some parts of town (like the photo) are almost too perfect, and it creeps me out. I mean, a hundred people gathering in the middle of the city to play in a fountain, spread out blankets, sit in the grass, eat picnic food, and talk? For no good reason? It was odd. Very neat, but odd. The co-worker I’m with suggested perhaps “Soylent Green is the Homeless People!”, which made me laugh out loud. 🙂

    It’s been a great trip.

  2. No, but I did see it. We walked past it as we followed the street car track (which never came, BTW, and we walked from the fountain all the way back to the MAX light rail…)

    O. M. G. What a bookstore. If there were a “Bookstore of Congress” — Powell’s would be it. 😀


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