9 thoughts on “Listen! Grown Ups Talking!”

  1. Shawn,

    My feed has been telling me this post has been up for hours…but it only just seems to have shown up recently. Anyway, I can totally hear and understand.

  2. Heard you loud and clear. (And will now be looking into the nifty apps that let you post that audio file. Keen!) Happy LinuxWorld-ing. Hope the SF weather is mild, though I’m afraid the beer won’t be as good as it is here in the Northwest. 😉

  3. Like Nathan said, this showed up earlier in the day, but when i tried to view it, i was told it could not be found….now it is back again…BUT i can hear you!
    Since the only thing you had on tap was dinner, hope it went well (ex: no stinky food)

  4. Audio quality was good. I saw the post at 8:34am EST and it looked fine.
    That’s a cool way to post on the ol Shawn blog.

  5. Ah, my apologies, the one from earlier was a test. It had the same name (the mobiles posts all do), so in fact this *was* a new post. You didn’t miss much on the other one, I promise. 😀

    Thanks again. I actually have wifi right now, but I don’t suspect it will be consistent this week.

  6. So you left a blog post to tell us that you couldn’t update your blog?

    Isn’t that a bit counter intuitive?

    On the upside the uddertalk application could turn out to be pretty nifty.


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