7 Reasons I Won’t Submit This To Digg

1) All the Good Stuff Has Already Been Written.

Really, how many recycled articles, plagiarized copy/pastes, and kitties with poor grammar does the Internet need. If it’s important it’s already been written. If it’s funny, it was funnier the first time. If a cat said it, well, OK, I admit LOLCats are funny. And what I said about all the important stuff already being written was a lie too, but I’m talking about digg here…

2) When I DO Write Great Stuff, No One Diggs It.

No, not here, over at Linux Journal. I’ve written some really great stuff, and no one at digg gives a crap. One of our staff bloggers can write a script that makes a “J” appear on the screen, and it goes front page. Maybe that’s what I need. Here ya go:

echo “J”

3) I Bought the Domain ihatedigg.com, Doesn’t That Mean I Can’t Play Anymore?

It still amuses me, much more than getting dugg ever would. Perhaps someday I’ll do something interesting with it, but for now, owning it is enough.

4) They’d Just Whine Anyway

If this article WERE to appear on digg, all the commenters would complain about how lame it was, and then they’d digg it anyway. Or they’d say “BURIED”, and some other guy would want to make THAT guy look dumb, so HE’D digg the article so the “BURIED” guy got angry that it got to the front page. Then “BURIED” guy would get all his buddies to click on the thumbs down thingy so that all the comments disappeared. That seems like a lot of effort for something so silly.

5) I Host on GoDaddy

I doubt my site could handle more than 12 concurrent users. If you crash my site, you’ll see that my GoDaddy username is “trunkboy” when the fail page comes up, and you’ll embarrass my kids. Really, who wants that?

6) I Don’t Have Ads

Why would I want traffic for this post anyway? If I had ads on my site, well then maybe it would makes sense. Digg traffic is almost never residual, they come, they eat, and they leave. I’d just as soon not tidy up after them.

7) I’m Only Writing This To Amuse Myself

I’m waiting for 1 server to back up, and 2 servers to update. I’m standing in a server room next to a rack of noisy servers, so shooting video is out. It’s too loud to listen to streaming music, and none of the other servers have good enough video cards to play any fun games. These words serve only to amuse me, and thus far, they’ve succeeded. 🙂

22 thoughts on “7 Reasons I Won’t Submit This To Digg”

  1. I’m with you on this one Shawn. I stopped reading Digg a few months ago when every other article was about the love or hate of Ron Paul or the Iphone.

    I think as people leave their community the remaining users get more and more unified on what they consider to be news.

  2. 2) When I DO Write Great Stuff, No One Diggs It.

    I think you should change this to “When I *THINK* I write great stuff, No One Diggs It.”

    Just razzing you… BTW I stopped reading digg like 8 months ago, so you know I’m on your side… Digg’s comments have basically turned into the turdfest that is youtube comments.

    *I will click on random youtube video on their homepage, and pick the comment that best describes what I am saying… Insert here*: “MY COUSINS TITS IS THE BEST GAME” Posted by:BIGDICKJOHNSON10 …

    Case and point… sorry about the language, but when you scrape the bottom of the internet barrel that’s what you come up with.

  3. Nathan’s techno-deficient outing continues:

    I’ve never Dugg or Reddit. I prefer to find my random reading the old fashioned way…by Googling “tentacle pron”.

  4. I hadn’t been to Digg in a year until I Dugg Jim’s post on Downey Savings & Loan. And now I’m heading back over to add a digg to Carlie’s, just for the heck of it. Neener, neener, neener.

    (I find online popularity contests to be kind of pointless too… because there’s a ton of great content out there that never gets Dugg/Reddit/Farked/Stumbled, and lots of sucky content that does.)

  5. Nathan — you made me laugh out loud when I read that. And I was in church. LOL! (seriously, hehehe)

    Jeri — You’re absolutely correct, a lot of crap floats to the top in those sites. At work, part of our revenue is from web traffic, so submitting the good content does make sense. It’s the unpredictability that I find so humorous. This anti-digg post, for example, currently has 34 diggs. 🙂

  6. Digg? Is that site still aruond? I had heard rumours that Google bought it and shortly after it had gone the way of Orkut and Jaiku, never to be heard from again. [ Oooh, I am bound to get into trouble over that last part. ]
    — Marcel (Writer and Free Thinker at Large) Gagné

    Oh, Dugg.

  7. Finally your post is on Digg’s frontpage, i’m glad that i found your blog.
    digg traffic is never constant, sometimes i get 2000 visits for a post, but the next day it goes back to the usual 500 uniques

  8. Poor guy. Your server is already being owned by the Digg Effect – half of pages fail with 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable 🙂

    I also regret I’ve bought GoDaddy hosting.

    Anyway. Nice work on this article. Dugg! 😉

  9. The comments for this article over at digg are probably the most coherent ones I have ever seen there.

    Now that you have this formula for success you should make a youtube video about how much you dislike youtube.

  10. I used to be a frequent digger, but like a lot of the commenters here, it has been some time since I’ve visited the site. It has been relegated to that section of my RSS feed reader that I virtually never read.

    This morning I was more bored than usual and clicked over to the digg feed to find this article, as well as the fact that digg re-discovered Desktop Tower Defense for the 500th time, along with a whole host of other INCREDIBLE and AMAZING things.

    My favorite is the science section, which basically claims that we’ve cured both cancer and AIDS at least 100 times each in the last year so.

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  12. Hehe, my ludicrous comment
    “BARRIED!!!!! thiz storie iz crap!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111”

    was dugg down 22 times… That’s more than most of the articles I submit get dug up. Apparently the people of the internet don’t appreciate my sarcasm.

    Also 743 diggs…. that’s nuts! (additionally all of the comments you made were dug WAY down… and i don’t think anyone realized that you did not submit it to digg.)


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