Where in the World is shawnp0wers?

If you don’t know, August stinks for me. Busy, busy, busy, busy. I used to just give up sleep to accomplish August, but my body is reminding me I’m no longer in my twenties. My alarm went off this morning at 3AM, and I didn’t actually wake up until 10. Which kinda sucks.

Anyway, here’s the shotgut approach at catching up on things:

  • Monday, my site got Dugg. It was funny that it was about a digg rant. My site crumbled, and was offline for about 80% of the traffic that was coming in. Sitemeter recorded 8,000+ visitors, and that was just folks that were able to load the page. I normally get about 100. GoDaddy will not be my hosting provider when my pre-paid time expires…
  • I have pink eye. I think it’s because I stayed up all weekend updating servers in time for secretaries on Monday morning. My eyes like to rest, and I think my immune system is teh funk right now, so they got all pinky on me. I’m wearing glasses for a while, and I HATE IT. They make me feel like the 4 eyed middle school kid that got picked on when he was younger. Ugh. (and no, ironically I don’t even remember the middle school torture — apparently it affected more than just personal memories…)
  • I’m behind on work. I hate that. Dearest co-workers: My apologies.
  • Eh, there’s probably more, but I need to get back to work. TTFN!

7 thoughts on “Where in the World is shawnp0wers?”

  1. Big scary eye! But sorry. Too much going on for you right now, it’s no wonder your immune system faceplanted. Can’t you sub out some of your work, or are you The Only One Who Can Do This? Get an intern?

  2. Use Dreamhost. It’s got great uptime for me. It only really had one serious downtime issue for a few weeks, but they gave me a full three months more for free. They also give extra storage/bandwidth for every week you stay on with them, kinda like Gmail.

    Oh, and wp-cache is pretty handy as well.

  3. Nathan — I linked to your blog for the headline thingy, sorry. 🙁

    Michelle, I actually did take a photo of myself this morning with glasses. It’s actually quite embarrassing just how self conscious I am with them. 🙂


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