9 thoughts on “The Best Video You’ll Watch Today (and no, it’s not me…)”

  1. Great the people who could possibly create a black hole and destroy the planet are making bad rap video’s.

    You get to be an official mad scientist when your project has a slight chance of turning the planet into an asteroid field.

  2. Oh Brad,

    The chances of a supercollider ever creating a black hole big enough to swallow the entire earth and or universe are about as miniscule as the little diminsions they’re trying to find. 🙂

    Go science! Thanks for the vid, Shawn. I feel like a total supah geek now.

  3. First, I found your blog through Nathan’s, & now I’m hooked.
    Second, I love it! I hate rap too, but I was dancing just as badly as they were, & singing along to the chorus! I don’t have a clue what they were talking about because my brain doesn’t work like that, but it was awesome!


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