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9 thoughts on “The Best Video You’ll Watch Today (and no, it’s not me…)”

  1. Great the people who could possibly create a black hole and destroy the planet are making bad rap video’s.

    You get to be an official mad scientist when your project has a slight chance of turning the planet into an asteroid field.

  2. Oh Brad,

    The chances of a supercollider ever creating a black hole big enough to swallow the entire earth and or universe are about as miniscule as the little diminsions they’re trying to find. 🙂

    Go science! Thanks for the vid, Shawn. I feel like a total supah geek now.

  3. Ok, the video I am going to suggest has a lot of dirty words, but it’s like my favorite comedy rap song ever…. And it promotes very good things, such as reading books, Drinking Water, raising your kids, buying land, Brushing your teeth, and using deodorant.

    Again NSFW… dirty language

  4. First, I found your blog through Nathan’s, & now I’m hooked.
    Second, I love it! I hate rap too, but I was dancing just as badly as they were, & singing along to the chorus! I don’t have a clue what they were talking about because my brain doesn’t work like that, but it was awesome!


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