21 thoughts on “Video Blog: The Shawn Powers Diet”

  1. Shawn, I did a bad thing at work today. I commented on your blog site. I put my wrong email address accidently. I’m not suposed to use the computer at work for personal stuff. Anyway I don’t know if you got it, cause I don’t know if I did it right. But I understand you do read your “what eveer it is I’m writing so if I get it right I could communicate with you this way. But how do you comment back, or do you comment back? It’s about the rabbit. you could just send me a yes or no at amundson1@sbcglobal.net then I would know if i should keep looking for a home for a bunny. Love ya MOM

  2. … and then you’ll want to delete that email address as fast as possible before any crawlbots wander past. I hope the bunny finds a good home though! *likes bunnies*

    That’s an ingenious diet plan actually. I hope it works out well past the first week. Are you going to add to the pushup count every week or just stay at 10?

    Also, you might want to add a cardio component at some point…

  3. Oh Shawn, I had to comment again because I read your entry and it reminded me of a time in my life I did a similar thing. It was 6 weeks after having a baby YOU! and the doctor finally said I could exercise. I made a rule about sit ups. Every room in the house was connected to the living room and the rule was every time I passed through the living room I had to do 15 sit ups. It did work and wasn’t long till I had my girly figure back. I do wonder where it went these days though. It’s probably the house. We moved (several times) and now the living room is only attached to one other room Bye now Love MOM

  4. Your diet plan sounds like it would work–I need every incentive available to make me get up from in front of my computer. But I’m actually commenting to say that I love that your mom comments on your blog–makes my heart all warm and fuzzy!

  5. Hi Mom! I’m sorry, we can’t take the bunny. It would get attention for about a week, then I’d be taking care of it myself. Plus, we don’t have any way to winter it…

    I’m going to call you too, I’m just here at work. πŸ™‚

  6. I love that my Mom commented on my blog. πŸ˜€

    And MWT: There’s a story about that sticker. I’ll have to tell it someday, as a commenter on YouTube already called me out for it. πŸ™‚

  7. Adding to the awwww-ness that is your Mom commenting on your blog.
    “HI Shawn’s Mom!”

    This push-up thing sounds like a great idea, but I am wondering how I can adjust it so that i don’t actually have to do push-ups….I cannot do them. AT ALL.
    Maybe running on the spot?

  8. You are freakin’ hilarious. I would love to pull into a Wendy’s (or even be sitting by the window inside) and see some random dude doing push-ups in the parking lot while his family waits for him. Keep that up and you’ll look like the Incredible Hulk in no time.

  9. Blog Star…..we’ll your like a star to Shawn and I….your our Mother Star….just like the north star you guide us too!
    We are in your neck of the woods this week, Donnas gonna talk to you and see what your schedule is like. Today going out to moms and Tuesday I am watching Bills Uncle for awhile.
    I would love to take that bunny, you can house train them to a littler box just like a cat. But after looking on line about how hard it might be, they recommend you get the bunny fixed and right now I’d have a kitten if I had the extra money to get it fixed. But Bill graduates in 7 months and we are trying hard to be debt free, so fixing a pet doesn’t fit in right now.
    Love your sis, Tia


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