Quick Blood Pressure Post

Yesterday, at the doctor’s office, my blood pressure was 108/62!!!!!!! (No, that’s not 62 factorial)

All this “makin’ sure Shawn takes his medicine” is GREATLY appreciated. My blood pressure has never been that good, even medicated. AND this is the most stressful time of my work year.

w00 H00!!!!

8 thoughts on “Quick Blood Pressure Post”

  1. Congratulations!!! That’s a fantastic blood pressure.
    the 120/80 blood pressure is the average normal. Lower is actually better. I’ll sign this one MOM RN

    And keep up the harassing if that’s what it takes.

    I set my cell phone alarm to go off the same time each day to take mine!

  2. I would have to guess but my guess is falling over blood pressure would be less than 80 or 85 over whatever (the bottom number can be 0 and it’s ok)

  3. Mine is consistently in the 90-95 / 50-60 range, and while I’m not falling over, there are certainly some interesting effects while I’m trying to exercise, or if I stand up too fast…


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