Google Love

It appears that I have surpassed the Pheasant Hunting Guide, the lady Chiropractor, and the USC dude to attain the first place spot on Google when searching for shawn powers (Don’t even need the quotes! Hooray!)

See for yourself. I have to go find a bigger hat now… 😉

UPDATE: And ironically, my Google Page Rank has dropped from 6 to 5. The Internet is a weird place. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Google Love”

  1. That’s because you’re a hot blogger. Speaking of which, I need to stop by there and see how you’re doing in the vote.

    (Searching my name doesn’t get to my blog until the second page.)

  2. I googled my name (not MOM of course) and the name appears a lot but none of them are me. Well, I didn’t check all of them but there sure are a lot of people out there with the same name. It is cool that yours is FIRST and it’s really you. Congratulations again.

    I googled MOM and clip art came up, not all flattering eithor.


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