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Obama & Palin

As a rule, I never post about politics. The current race, however, really begs to be talked about. I have lots of friends that are much more intelligent than I am, so click on their links over there on the right. Many of them have deep insightful things to say about the election, and they vary in their actual political positions. Great set of folks to know.

What sparked me to post something is the realization that one ticket has a woman, and the other ticket has a black man. Awesome.

See, I know folks in real life that are horribly put off by a black man in office. (Ugh. Don’t get me started. The aforementioned people are not my friends.) Those same people, along with a whole slew of others think a woman on the ticket is a horrible travesty to the election process. My thoughts?


Truth be told, I’m not really supporting either party very strongly. I won’t be staking any political signs in my lawn this year. I WILL be watching the debates rather intently. I have no idea who I’ll be voting for. No, I’m not really asking for feedback pointing me to either side. You won’t win me over, please don’t bother trying.

The fact that we’ll have either a black president, or a woman vice president — THAT is awesome, and makes my day.

15 thoughts on “Obama & Palin”

  1. I have noticed a trend amongst old people during this election. More than one person has told me that Obama is the Anti-Christ.

    Is this common with old people on election years? I’m guessing it’s a way for them to say they don’t want a black president without having to own up to racism.

  2. Michelle,

    I’m glad to hear that there is some sanity left out there. My grandmother is one of the people who have decided Obama is the Anti-Christ.

    My parents haven’t voted since the early 70’s because “no matter who you vote for you get a liar in a suit”.

    Personally I’m a little bit more optimistic than them but not by much.

  3. Brad, I understand the cynicism, but I personally feel if you don’t participate it greatly weakens any argument you make against the process. No snark on your parents intended.

    I haven’t made a decision either, as I’m truly an independent with libertarian (note the small “l”) leanings. I abhor the erosion of the Constitution that both parties have participated in. This makes this election hard for me.

    I will say I see the fact that Obama and Palin are candidates for the two highest offices in this country as positive and historic given what both women and African-Americans have gone through in this country, despite the misgivings I have with positions both of them support.

  4. I’m right there with everyone who says it shouldn’t make any difference that Obama is black…but it does. When I watched his acceptance speech, my reaction was…Holy Cow, this guy is bright and articulate…the opposite of what we’ve had the last eight years. AND HE’S BLACK! I have no idea what it really means to other blacks in America to see this man on the threshold of being CinC, but it fills me with pride. I grew up in the South in the ’60’s and this was just unimaginable then. UNIMAGINABLE.

    I know how far we have to go in this country, but I’m immeasurably proud of how far we’ve come. His is the face I want to see addressing the United Nations. His is the face I want to see addressing the likes of Hugo Chavez.

    As much as it might be nice to see a woman as VP, I’d rather see this black man as President. This fills me with shiny.

    (P.S. I may be one of the guys “over there on the right, on Shawn’s blogroll, but I’m not one of the smarter ones.) 😀

  5. Vince,

    I do vote for exactly the reason you stated. I take some of my local elections pretty seriously. When it comes to president though I tend to vote Libertarian.

    I just can’t vote for “the lesser evil” and feel good about it.

    I guess I will just throw down my 2 cents and hope It’s not flame bait. I like the ideas that Obama is proposing but he either underestimates lobbyist groups or he’s not planning to go through with a lot of it.

    A lot of the issues in his official plan for change involve making big changes to incredibly powerfull industries that have huge lobby groups such. A good example is the health insurance industry.

    McCain I can’t say much about because I still haven’t checked his plan or voting record. It’s on my gigantic list of things to get done though.

  6. This is why I’m married to someone who has some grip on what’s going on in the world politics wise, it’s a lot like computers to me. I pick his brain so to speak and try to figure out what’s going on from his translation. They lie so much and I’m so gulable (I may have spelled that wrong).

  7. I have leanings politically, but you are right… either way, it’s a win for humanity, I think. I’m just enjoying watching them duke it out this year. It’s interesting because it hasn’t gotten really really nasty yet. When it does, and it always does, I get disgusted with it. Now, it’s just fun 😉

    But yeah… TEE HEE HEE!

  8. Not to mention that Palin will probably end up running for president one day…

    Andrew, remember Christie Todd Whitman? Not so much in the national eye these days. How can you see her when she’s under the bus?

  9. Right there with ya, Shawn. As a general rule, I stay away from election coverage as much as possible until the last couple of weeks before the actual voting; there’s just too much crap that floods the media/internet, and I’ve got Better Things To Do. (“Have I seen this episode of ‘That 70s Show’?” , etc.)

    Still, there’s this part of me – a *huge* part I guess, what with my being both black and a woman – that sees this election as an amazing milestone. One way or another, this will be a landmark year in American history, completely aside from the actual politics. That’s phenomenal, and means that we’re making inroads to real equality.

    End warm fuzzy feeling, though, because after all, we’re talking about American politics, which equals Circus Sideshow. It looks pretty from a distance, though. Like, say, Jupiter.


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